A unique collection of authentic specialties from Japan to Vietnam to India, our selection of Asian restaurants captures the essence of their chefs’ roots.


Hamamori Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Sushi virtuoso James Hamamori is inspired by the ocean, creating extraordinary sushi, omakase menus, and savory dishes, reflective of his experiences in evolving progressive Japanese cuisine in Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles.

For more than a decade Hama-san has held court in his cloud white-on-white light-filled setting.

Hamamori’s sushi gems are individual treasures of pristine seafood, each garnished with unique toppings that range from black truffle, uni or ossetra caviar to make it unique. The result: a sushi revelation of unexpected flavors in complete harmony.

“Easily the most upscale sushi restaurant in Orange County”
–Brad A. Johnson, Orange County Register

$$$ Lunch/Dinner/Catering

Level 3, Crate and Barrel/Macy’s Home Store Wing



Marugame Udon

Marugame reigns supreme in the udon experience. The Japanese favorite — girthy, slippery noodles with a pearly white gloss — attracts fans who queue up eagerly for made-to-order bowls, mesmerized as busy cooks steadily roll out and hand-cut plump, springy noodles, crafted from special Japanese wheat flour.

Founded by Takaya Awata, Marugame, like many udon shops in Japan, is cafeteria style: Get in line, take a tray, and order from 10 variations of udon. Complimentary condiments include freshly chopped green onion, cilantro, grated ginger, pungent wasabi along with puffy tempura flakes.

The signature Nikutama bowl, easily the most popular item on the menu, is topped with sweet, tender beef and onsen tamago (soft boiled egg) in house-made dashi broth. Garnish, then slurp!

$$ Lunch/Dinner

Level 1, Din Tai Fung Wing



AnQi By House of AN

The glamorous House of An began humbly 50 years ago in San Francisco’s Sunset Beach. Today the An empire stretches from the City by the Bay to Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and the popular AnQi at South Coast Plaza, where refined Vietnamese fusion cuisine melds with spectacular décor and indulgent service.

 An’s famous garlic noodles is a longtime signature dish at this stylish restaurant. Pairing the golden, garlicky and addictive noodles with exquisite roasted Maine lobster is a millennial matchup.

$$$ Lunch/Dinner/Catering

Level 2, Adjacent to Bloomingdale’s



Din Tai Fung

The worldwide culinary dynasty founded by Bin-Yi Yang is built on Din Tai Fung’s xiao long bao — juicy soup dumplings. These treasures — intricately pleated and carefully steamed in bamboo baskets — are delivered by the stack to ardent fans who devour them by the dozens. Freshly made noodles, soulful soups, and delicate wontons are among the other crowd-pleasing dishes on the menu.

With respect for traditions of hand-made cuisine delivered with cordial, efficient service, it’s no surprise that Din Tai Fung was named by The New York Times as one of the top ten gourmet restaurants in the world.

$$ Lunch/Dinner/Outdoor Seating

Level 2



Royal Khyber Fine Indian Cuisine

Since 1982, the Puri family has been on the forefront as pioneers of Indian fine dining in Orange County. The antique door at the restaurant’s entry and refined interior set the mood to savor the art of Northern Indian cookery, delivered with impeccable service.

Delicate spicing, fine ingredients and an authentic mesquite-fired tandoor flame grills chicken, lamb and seafood imparting delicate Indian flavors, enhanced by an impressive selection of exotic vegetarian and vegan options.

Royal Khyber offers dinner as well as weekend lunch and a full bar. For nearly 40 years, guests have enjoyed the upscale, innovative and healthy cuisine, a journey for the palate.

$$$ Lunch/Dinner/Catering

South Coast Plaza Village: Plaza Drive



Terrace by Mix Mix

New restaurant with internationally inspired cuisine by Chef Ross Pangilinan. Featuring small plates influenced by French, Italian and modern Filipino flavors. Wines and rotating craft beers available. The restaurant has full service dining in a covered terrace off of Bridge of Gardens. A small wine bar, additional seating, open kitchen and counter offering a weekday lunch inside.

Pangilinan also brings his Filipino flourishes. The tuna carpaccio, fresh and colorful, is also sharp with a vinaigrette of calamansi, a Filipino citrus beloved for its peppery aftertaste. Scallops get presented as a pinakbet, a northern Filipino dish of vegetables mixed with seafood. It is clear that Pangilinan’s culinary mastery has not hit it’s apex; he recently won the “People’s Choice” award for “Rising Chef of the Year” at the 7th annual Golden Foodies awards.

$$ Lunch/Dinner/Catering
Level 3, Crate and Barrel Wing

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