The new LOEWE capsule collection is inspired by Studio Ghibli’s Academy Award-winning movie

Eleven years after the critically acclaimed Studio Ghibli released the animated film “Spirited Away,” LOEWE brings back to life the young protagonist Chihiro and other memorable characters and scenes from the Academy Award-winning movie in a special collaboration at South Coast Plaza. The LOEWE x Spirited Away collection is now available at the LOEWE boutique.

The limited-edition collection is the second partnership of its kind between the luxury fashion brand and the world-famous studio in Tokyo, following their “My Neighbor Totoro” film-focused collab a year ago.











© 2001 Studio Ghibli – NDDTM

LOEWE x Spirited Away Capsule Collection

In the new capsule collection,LOEWE pays homage to the creativity and fantasy in Director Hayao Miyazaki’s surrealistic masterpiece, turning the movie’s characters and ethereal moments into inspiration for playful new designs and melding them thoughtfully with the fashion house’s fan-favorite accessory styles and familiar ready-to-wear silhouettes. 














Naturally, the film’s heroine, Chihiro, figures prominently on requisite print T-shirts, an embroidered hoodie, blankets, a knit cardigan, a boxy Amazona handbag, and the origami-like Hammock bag. But one riotous floral sweater with 3D embellishments goes the extra mile, juxtaposing Chihiro against intricate patterns borrowed from scenes showing a bouquet and thick flower-filled bushes. The result is a touchy-feely pullover of knitted dreamscapes.


Look for more delightful and unexpected three-dimensional accents throughout the collection, including the bold stones on sorceress Yubaba’s ring decorating a woven Anagram tote.


In addition to Chihiro and Yubaba, other characters such as the water spirit/dragon Haku, the spirit with no face Kaonashi, and Fly-Bird make an appearance on select items, as do nature elements from the movie such as Impressionist flowers, abstracted clouds against the sky, and clear blue water.


Black Susuwatari soot sprites – little black spiky ball-shaped creatures – steal the spotlight as 3D accents on the front of a black turtleneck sweater dress and white cardigan, and as the body of an eye-catching mini bag.


On a more serious design note, LOEWE pays tribute to boro, a classic Japanese patchwork technique, juxtaposing an Anagram jacquard and leather patch with Kasuri fabrics – Japanese patterned textiles woven with dyed threads – for a button-down shirt, a bucket hat and a Puzzle bag.

LOEWE’s creative efforts to mine the “Spirited Away” visual trove for inspiration illustrate that imagination in animation can beget reimagination in fashion. Viewed in its entirety, the whimsical collaboration illustrates the luxury brand’s fervor in distilling the beloved film’s essence, while imbuing signature and artisanal elements that make the collection undoubtedlyLOEWE.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the boutique, view the collection up close, and be momentarily. . .spirited away.


Model photography: Juergen Teller
Models: Singer Dua Saleh, models Kit Butler, Hyunji Shin and Mica Arganaraz