South Coast Plaza VIP Passport 

South Coast Plaza invites out-of-county and international visitors to gain access to a host of special offers at over 130 boutiques and restaurants. Please create an account below to receive your complimentary digital VIP Passport savings. 





Create an Account

Please enter the email address, password and name you wish to be associated with your VIP Passport login. After reviewing, please click “Become a Member.” Once your account is activated, you will be able to access the offers as often as you would like by clicking below.

Create an Account/Sign-In


Reviewing Offers

After your account has successfully been created, discover the boutique and restaurant offers by clicking “Offers” from the VIP Passport homepage. Simple scroll to find your favorite boutiques and restaurants. A filter option is available and is based on category or boutique/restaurant names.  


Offer Redemption

To redeem an offer, please ensure that you are near the point-of-sale area and ready to make your purchase or you have asked the restaurant server for your check. Advise your use of the offer to the sales associate/server and click on “Use Offer”. At that point, a 60-second countdown will begin. Please show the activated offer to the sales associate/server to redeem. There are a total of two uses per offer. Once both have been activated, that specific offer will no longer be available for redemption.