Lesley Brickman 

Lesley is a Bridal Stylist who is dedicated to helping women feel beautiful and confident for life’s most special moments. She specializes in Luxury Bridal with a white-glove approach, helping her clients define, refine and execute their unique Bridal Vision for their engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and beyond! Lesley is deeply connected in the bridal industry, from working on custom elements with the top designers across the globe, to sourcing the best tailors for clients across America.  She loves forming long-lasting relationships with her clients as they return to her for baby showers, anniversaries and other special events after the wedding. Lesley believes in supporting her clients holistically and with joy, always finding the best value for each client possible, no matter their budget, style preferences, and location!

To connect with this stylist and learn more, please contact stylist@southcoastplaza.com