Kim Apodaca

Originally from South Africa, Kim has spent much of her childhood traveling and learning from her Italian relatives. As a business & psychology graduate, Kim had the Entertainment Industry in sight and immigrated to the USA over 20 years ago. Quickly after she arrived, she worked as an executive assistant to a few Hollywood celebrities and fell in love with the LA Fashion scene.

​An unexpected twist in her fate, Kim’s love for Fashion and desire to help others love themselves, Kim started styling and helping others. 14 years ago Kim starting styling stay at home mothers that were feeling unattractive & drained. By helping these women, Kim realized it wasn’t only that stay at home mothers didn’t have time to get dressed in the morning, but they didn’t know what to wear either.  By changing these women’s lives, Kim was passionate about helping others and she suddenly understood that empowering others through style was her life’s calling.

Kim’s approach is holistic. She works from the inside-out at first, by understanding each client’s lifestyles, needs and goals.  Accentuating the positives and deleting the negatives.  Kim then puts together a personal style and unique image that will help you from the outside-in, building your confidence & self worth, thus having the tools to reach a higher level of success in life.  

Today Kim styles executives in all fields, has worked with Actors and Producers alike, and holds workshops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and London annually.

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