Spring Garden Show

Into the Amazon



Welcome to a lush rainforest fantasy, where friendly creatures, large and small draw you to take a closer look. We commissioned Fiesta Parade Floats to design and create this one-of-a-kind spectacular botanical display made of floral and plant parts, a favorite spring tradition at South Coast Plaza every year.

Tall tropical palm trees with leaves from crushed manzanita leaves and trunks from golden sesame seeds draw the eye upward toward colorful parrots crafted from red carnation petals, blue sinuata statice and yellow strawflower petals. The toucans’ feathers are cut from sheets of black seaweed, their throats made of crisp white coconut flakes and beaks created from red lentils, blue statice and yellow marigold.

The frogs are covered with green mung beans, red kidney beans, green split peas and creamy white sesame seeds, while the undulating green Emerald Tree Boa is decorated with green and yellow split peas. The handsome leopards’ fur consists of strawflower petals in shades of gold, bronze and cream, with black onion and nyjer seed accents.

Giant sculpted Cymbidium orchids tower above specialty bromeliads. Various epiphytes drape and sprout from the branches and trunk of the large central tree, which is crafted from dried cranberry plant leaves. Ferns, tropical foliage, assorted heliconia, ginger and dendrobium orchids complete the exuberant tropical setting.