Kicks Into Gear: The Hottest Sneakers for the Winter

Black Cats, Gold Diggers, the James Dean – if you’re a sneakers aficionado, you know the vocabulary has exploded since the days of Chuck Taylors or Air Jordans. A-list labels birthed the “ugly sneaker” trend with styles like Louis Vuitton’s now-iconic Archlight garnering both headlines and waiting lists, as well as the sock sneaker ubiquitous in so many collections – including Emporio Armani, which has embossed the sides of its high-top shoe in Lurex knit with a wing-like design that takes its cue from the label’s logo.

What’s most thrilling about designer kicks these days is watching how performance and technology are seamlessly blended with the DNA of high-end brands, from the legendary red and green Gucci stripe that adorns that label’s silver-sequined high-top sneaker to the Greek-key styling and the surprise of a Medusa head on the sole of Versace’s latest, the Trigreca sneaker, which also features a state-of-the-art cushioning system. With that in mind, it’s easier than ever to fall in love with a sneaker perfectly suited to your personal style. Check out this roundup of the season’s most sought-after kicks:




Emporio Armani
High-top Sock Sneakers in Lurex Knit




Golden Goose
Silver Super-Star Sneakers with Hand-painted Roses




Women’s Gucci Tennis 1977 High-top Sneaker




Garavani Atelier Shoes 03 Rose Edition Sneaker 




Men’s Leather Clay Low-top Sneaker




Ermenegildo Zegna
Triple Stitch Sneaker




Stella McCartney
 Loop Platform Wedge Sneakers




Citysole Mid-top




Wheel Re-Nylon Gabardine High-top Sneakers




Trigreca Sneakers 





White Wool Knit Runner




Brunello Cucinelli
Burnished Leather and Washed Suede Sneakers







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