EATS: The Hall: Global Eatery

Located on level 1, The Hall: Global Eatery will transport visitors to a bustling, vibrant setting reminiscent of a bazaar or lively souk. But instead of colorful spices on burlap bags, the sprawling 8,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor space will be dedicated to a dizzying inventory of foods.


The Hall: Global Eatery’s vegetable salad trio


It will open early for coffee bar classics, boosted by Amar Santana’s worldly palate. Prefer to drink your breakfast? A customized fresh juice might have OJ, beets and ginger. Midday, make a casual meal of platters of tender kebobs—lemony chicken or spicy kafta—alongside fluffy rice, silky hummus, smoky baba ghanoush, herby tabbouleh and fluffy pita bread. This may be a fast meal, but hardly fast food. Fresh daily grab-and-go items will tempt diners in a hurry, and are easily dressed up with extras from a larder that includes wine, chocolate and other delicacies.


The Hall’s red snapper crudo with white peach purée and squid ink tuile.


For those desiring a full-service, leisurely experience, there will be Santana’s brilliant new Crudo concept. Savor a raw bar with creative dishes such as fresh red snapper with kaffir lime leaves, white peach purée, dots of smoked rosemary oil and a lacy squid ink tuile, or perhaps luscious salmon belly ceviche in a pool of carrot ponzu. Not into raw? There’s a whole baked sea bream cloaked in chermoula and accented with fennel and carrots. Or ponder Santana’s gorgeous house-made charcuterie. And since you’re already at the bar, consider a cocktail by esteemed master Michael Rooney.


Chef Amar Santana and business partner Ahmed Labbate


It’s as if Santana and steadfast partner Ahmed Labbate, faced with inventing something wholly new, just couldn’t say no. “Rather than copy Vaca or Broadway, we opted for creativity and novelty.” Isn’t that more inspiring? “It is to me,” admits Santana.

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