EATS: Philz Coffee

“Mission Made” is the phrase of choice at Philz Coffee. Its commitment to fostering community is apparent the moment you step foot inside the welcoming shop. Going against the grain, this “phamily” of coffee spots specializes in customized pour overs. Grinding your beans to order, each blend is created by founder Phil Jaber and comes with names such as Tantalizing Turkish featuring cardamom notes and Philtered Soul with nuances of hazelnut. The signature drink is a caffeinated, iced Mint Mojito that’s sweet, creamy and herbaceous.


Philz Coffee’s Mint Mojito


Practicing a non-traditional ordering method, each customer is assigned a barista. They will walk you through the menu, answering inquiries and guiding you to your ideal beverage. Take a seat while your barista works his magic, then return when your name is called to sample the finished product. Sugar and cream condiment bars are a thing of the past at Philz; if you’re not fully pleased, they will craft another to your liking. Payment is the honor system: you are rung up after receiving the drink in a different line.The San Francisco brand believes in carved-out nooks for enjoying your coffee. Walls featuring floor-to-ceiling windows beckon the sun to shine inside. And while the cozy atmosphere is inviting, most patrons look forward to the level of service for which Philz is famous.

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