EATS: COSTA Peruvian Cuisine

A couple of years ago, José and Kay Gutierrez opened Eqeko in downtown Santa Ana to immediate acclaim. Their smart, approachable takes on Peruvian food won a loyal following. Now, the husband-and-wife team has brought their talents to COSTA—and have elevated their game with robust flavors and authentic made-to-order cuisine.


COSTA Peruvian Cuisine dining room


The small-but-chic restaurant focuses on Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, a fusion style first popularized in the United States by Nobu Matsuhisa and one based on Peru’s long tradition of Asian immigration. You taste the exciting possibilities throughout the menu. Tiraditos are a style of sashimi enlivened with lime and ají amarillo, a flavorful Peruvian pepper that lightly numbs your lips. A quinoa salad reimagines the paleo-diet favorite by including apricots and cucumbers. COSTA’s take on lomo saltado, a beefy Andean classic, gets classed up with filet mignon and a soy sauce marinade. It’s a restaurant that would play well in downtown L.A. or Lima—but is perfect on Anton Boulevard.

For now, COSTA serves wine and beer, with an emphasis on South American vinos. Two signature non-alcoholic drinks, maracuya (passion fruit juice) and chicha morada (an earthy purple corn drink) are prepared daily.

“Peruvian cuisine has been building its fan base over the last few years,” Kay Gutierrez says. “We are honored to be a part of the growing variety of eateries at South Coast Plaza.”

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