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Max Mara’s Teddy Bear Icon Coat



Max Mara Teddy Bear Icon Coat Collection exhibit located on Level 1 in Jewel Court.



Some say it’s the ultimate coat for getting on with your day while feeling like you’re still snuggled up in bed. Since its unveiling on Max Mara‘s runway in 2013, Teddy Bear Icon Coat continues to ride waves of popularity. True to its name, the coat has indeed become iconic that it’s now the singular subject of a new exhibition at South Coast Plaza’s Jewel Court for a limited run – through November 3.

Max Mara is already famous for its coats, but the Teddy Bear Icon has become a standout, to the tune of over $50 million in revenue, according to The New York Times. Adding to the coat’s cachet are Kim Kardashian West, Heidi Klum, Hailey Bieber, Julia Roberts, who have been spotted wearing the fuzzy, enveloping coat with an ultra chic cut.



From left to right: Max Mara Teddy Bear Icon coat in turquoise, Teddy Bear coat in yellow and Teddy Bear Icon coat in cornflower blue.




At South Coast Plaza, the Instagram-worthy playful exhibit features Max Mara‘s iconic camel Teddy Bear coat among the new fun fall 2019 colorways of bright turquoise, cornflower blue, yellow and dozens of larger-than-life Max Mara teddy bears.  The coat will also be available for purchase in white, black, red, dove, navy and shimmering black.




Max Mara Teddy Bear Icon coat in Camel.




Fun fact: the original ‘Teddy Bear’ coats made by Max Mara in the ’80s used plush fabrics originally developed in German mills for making high end children’s’ toys. When redesigning the coat, Max Mara’s Creative Director, Ian Griffiths, discovered that not only were those fabrics no longer made, but the mills at which they were made had closed down. This led to the Max Mara team working with an Italian supplier to redevelop the technology to produce a unique faux fur. The loose-fit coat is now made of luxe faux fur and camel hair.



Sketch of Max Mara Teddy Bear Icon coat.




In 2018, Max Mara introduced the Teddy Bear coat as the shorter rendition of the Teddy Bear Icon coat. It is available in yellow, turquoise, cornflower blue, camel, shimmering black and is perfect for pairing with anything from athleisure to office wear.