Fall Fashion: Statement Dressing




Sometimes, you just have to let a dress speak for itself. This fall, making an entrance is all about the simple but dramatic statement. At Dior, a diaphanous strapless tulle dress comes with an unexpected surprise (shown above): a Venus flytrap is depicted on the print. Tory Burch evokes a bygone era with leg-o-mutton sleeves that can’t be missed in a room full of dresses, but she makes it modern by juxtaposing it with a contrasting minimalist bodice skimming the curves. In the same romantic vein, ruffles are paired with floral prints at Chloe and Givenchy. Then, there are the tried and true dazzlers of the season – sequins, paillettes and iridescent fabrics for a lot of shine. All that’s left is for you to figure out what you want your dress to say.





Miu Miu




















Giorgio Armani





Tory Burch





The Webster







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