Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Leads a Hollywood Panel on Watch Collecting

Ask Hollywood watch enthusiasts about memorable timepieces and you’re bound to get some intriguing answers.  That’s what Degen Pener, Watch Editor at The Hollywood Reporter,  sought during a lively discussion with special guest panelists at The Art of the Timepiece celebration on June 8 at South Coast Plaza.



The “Hollywood Watch Collecting and Style” panel featured Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, one of professional basketball’s most eloquent statesmen; George Kotsiopolous, a style expert who has provided commentary for and hosted shows on fashion; and Chris Bruss, president of “Funny Or Die,” a comedy video production company. 




Kareem  reminisced about the watch he wore for the occasion, a Tiffany & Co. Tesoro customized with a gold dial and engraved with his jersey number, 33. 




The Tesoro was a gift from the American jeweler to mark the occasion of Kareem’s retirement from professional basketball in 1989




For George, the most memorable watch was his Dad’s Omega timepiece that was taken from George when he was robbed in Los Angeles. He collects luxury watches primarily for their style and design, including the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso that he wore for the panel. 




Chris Bruss grew up seeing watches in his family’s store in Wisconsin. As an adult, he collects watches and aspires to add a Patek Philippe Aquanaut to his trove.


All three panelists shared more stories about their passion for watches. Read about these in The Hollywood Reporter.