Santos de Cartier

Design icons that endure through the centuries possess something beyond style or mechanics — they embody a spirit. Case in point: the Santos de Cartier.




Originally created in 1904, the Santos de Cartier watch was the world’s first modern wristwatch and freed men from their restrictive pocket watches. Its distinctive design — a square shape and leather strap — were downright revolutionary at the time, symbolizing the speed and progress of the start of the 20th century. 





Named for and inspired by aeronautic engineering pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, the latest iteration of the Santos de Cartier watch is more ambitious in performance, comfort and wearability. In updating the timepiece, designers respected the Santos aesthetic while ushering in a host of modern-day high-tech features.




The new Santos watch has interchangeable straps — steel, gold, alligator or calfskin in a variety of colors — activated via the Cartier QuickSwitch system hidden discreetly under the strap. And the Maison’s Bond-like SmartLink self-fitting technology adjusts the length of the metal bracelet to the nearest link at the touch of a button.





Horology enthusiasts will geek out over Cartier’s rigorous efforts to prevent variations in position, humidity, temperature, pressure, exposure to impact and acceleration from interfering with the accuracy of the watch. The innovative timepiece is water-resistant, anti-magnetic and precisely weighted and measured for optimum comfort.




The watchmaking classic effortlessly represents the spirit, style and hunger for progress of men who changed the world and continue to do so today.