Royal Khyber’s Indian Nachos

Royal Khyber Fine Indian Cuisine’s chef-proprietor Arun Puri shares his recipe for DIY Indian nachos.


Royal Khyber Fine Indian Cuisine has graced the Orange County dining scene for more than 35 years. That longevity speaks to the talents of proprietors Arun and Urmil Puri and their dedication to serving guests the best. Every Sunday, for decades, they have offered papri chaat at their buffet brunch. It’s a popular Indian street snack that combines flavors of spicy, sweet and sour and has been likened to “Indian Nachos.”  Guests assemble their own from an assortment of ingredients.

Preparing a version at home works well for entertaining.  Put out bowls of fixings and let friends devise their own. Additional garnishes can include chopped fruit or nuts.


6 – 8 inch flour tortillas, cut in wedges
Vegetable oil
2 medium-sized red potatoes, boiled, well drained and peeled (should be tender but still hold shape)
1 cup garbanzos, rinsed and well drained (canned or cooked from dry beans)
½ cup chopped sweet white onion
¼ cup fresh serrano chiles, seeded and minced
½ cup fresh cilantro, chopped
½ cup tamarind chutney (available in Asian markets)
1 cup whole milk plain yogurt, lightly whipped to creamy consistency (not Greek variety)
Sea salt
Red chile powder, medium spice level
Cumin seed, roasted and pulverized

Optional toppings:  cooked black eyed peas, mango, green apple, dates, figs (fruit diced), raw cashew nuts (coarsely chopped), sprouted green lentils

Pan fry tortilla wedges in small batches in hot oil until golden, watching carefully and turning as needed. Drain on paper towels. Chips should be crisp and flaky.

Cut peeled, room temperature potatoes into small dice.  Potatoes, garbanzos and onions should be as dry as possible.

With a whisk, gently beat yogurt until it has a thick cream-like consistency.  In a non-stick pan, heat cumin seeds until lightly toasted.  When cool, pulverize in a spice grinder. 

Assemble: place room temperature ingredients in bowls, each with a spoon, with appetizer-size plates for guests.  Starting with the chips, garnish to liking, ending with yogurt drizzle and spices. Serves 2-3. Recipe may be doubled.