Tales of Tradition: Chinese Culture, One Sculpture at a Time

LIULI Crystal Art papier-mâché dog 2: Candy and Sweets.

As part of our annual Lunar New Year celebration, we commissioned LIULI Crystal Art to create 12 one-of-a-kind dog sculptures for the “Tales of Tradition” art exhibit for The Year of the Dog. Made of papier-mâché – a medium that has its roots in Chinese history – these joyful sculptures embody symbols, traditions and cultures of the most important festival celebrated in the Chinese society, from firecrackers and red envelopes to signature Chinese dishes.

Papier-mâché originated in China, where paper was invented, and was used to make helmets which were toughened by many layers of lacquer. * This medium was also used for decorative pieces, similar to the 12 dogs in the exhibit.


LIULI Crystal Art papier-mâché dog 6: Dumplings.


Each of the exhibit’s playful pups comes with a unique theme and an accompanying story.  A dog sports a red lantern, telling the story of how families light the beacon of the night, inviting fortunes and providing a safe home.  Another plays at firecrackers, an age-old custom for scaring away evil spirits.  One dog is at work on making “sticky cake,” a widely-celebrated dish this season.  The dog in new clothes, featured above, is ready to visit seniors to send out New Year greetings.


LIULI Crystal Art papier-mâché dog 11: Fire Crackers.


The canine sculptures are tied together through festive colors and stories of tradition in what is an enriching and meaningful experience for families and friends.  

The Tails of Tradition art exhibit is located in Jewel Court through March 4. Additional information here.

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