Garden Vendors

Over 35 unique vendors offering exotic plants and flowers.

Located on Levels 2 and 3, Crate & Barrel wing

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Alpine Gardens 2-16
Unusual, uncommon and/or highly desirable perennials, carnivorous, unique flowering and/or structural shrubs, alpines, air plants — a mix of both classic and rare Tillansias wide range, tropicals — a mix of classic house plants along with some rare aroids, variegated monsteras, rare and unusual species and varieties

Andy’s Orchids 2-14
Orchid species and other exotic plants

Aroma Orchids of Rowland Heights 3-08
All varieties of orchids

Backstage-A-Fare 3-13
Cut flower shop

Beauti…Florist 2-22
Small indoor plants and succulents

Cal-Orchid, Inc. 3-18
Wide assortment of proprietary live orchid species and hybrids not available elsewhere; specializing in Epidendrums, Cymbidiums, outdoor growing Laelia hybrids, Sobralias

California Native Plant Society 3-05
California native plants and books about California native plants

Coastal Bonsai Club 3-07
Bonsai trees and landscape paintings

Divine Orchids 3-12
Orchids and other green plants

Ecuagenera 2-05
Succulents, Agave, Aloe Vera, tropical indoor plants, rare foliage plants, trendy houseplants

Garcia’s Proteas 2-20
Potted plants and flower bouquets

H.I.S.C., Inc. 2-01/2-02
Ultimate Hose Nozzle and Ultimate Garden Broom

High Sierra Nursery 2-15
Cactus and succulents in many sizes and hanging baskets

Houseplant Nation, LLC 2-08
Plants, pots, and accessories

Laguna Coast Pottery 2-06
Plants, garden art, pottery, garden statuary

Marcel’s Orchids & Succulents 3-16
Orchids and succulent plants

Mellowist 2-10
Handmade local and imported pottery; staged statement pieces, unique and rare succulents and cacti. Specialty top dressing, staging rocks, tools and art products

Monalisa’s 2-19
Plumeria cuttings and plants — over 20 varieties, rare cacti and succulents, bonsai succulents

Myuhka’s 3-15
Cactus, tropical plants, fertilizer

Natures Window 2-04
Potpourri wreaths, garland and refresher oils; home fragrance and beauty from nature

Orange County Rose Society 3-04
Home grown roses from members’ gardens; information flyers, posters and booklets

Orchids & Gardens 3-19
Flowering orchids

Orchids of Los Osos 3-11
Orchid plants, fertilizer

Organic First 3-03
Organic fertilizers, insecticides, applicators

Rain Shadow Designs 2-11
Unusual succulents for the collector

Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Ranch & Gardens 3-09
Information exhibit about Rancho Los Alamitos, its gardens and its educational programs

Ricardo’s Nursery 2-03/2-12
1st booth – Flowering perennials and Greenwood Daylily Gardens’ plants
2nd booth – Stone fruit trees and tropical fruit trees

Sorella Orchids 3-17
Orchids and houseplants

Southern California Carnivorous Plant Enthusiasts  3-14
Carnivorous plants and related products and supplies

Southern California Iris Society 3-06
Iris Rhizomes – bare root and potted, Iris flowers

The Orchid Place 2-21
Orchids and succulents

Tuyet’s Orchids 3-10
Variety of orchids and exotic plants and peppers

UCCE Master Food Preservers of Orange County 3-02
Will share information about home food preservation and food safety

UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County 3-01
Will share science-based information about gardening

Unsolicited Plant Talks 2-18
Houseplants; different species of Hoyas; currently one of the largest specialty Hoya suppliers in U.S. and ships nationwide and to Canada

Verdant Vivariums 2-09
Rare tropical plants, hanging Ferns, planted Cloches, mini Ferns and Gesneriads, Begonias, some plants from Thailand

Wild Birds Unlimited 2-07
Specializing in backyard bird feeding; merchandise will include seed and nectar bird feeders, as well as books and supplies for the outdoor birding hobbyist

Wildflower Seed + Tool Company 2-17
Cut and hold pruners, pole saws, sharpeners and much more

Your Garden Specialist 2-13
Bulbs and shrubs

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Home & Garden Displays

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