Garden Vendors

Over 35 unique vendors offering exotic plants and flowers.

Located on Levels 2 and 3, Crate & Barrel wing

Level Two

Andy’s Orchids   2-11
Variety of unique orchids and mounted plants

Beauti…Florist   2-21
Indoor plants, succulents and small cactus

Elevation Living Walls   2-13
Vertical gardens

Garcia’s Proteas   2-17
Potted plants and bouquets

Got Thyme (It Began in the Garden)   2-20
Artwork, garden art and plants

H.I.S.C. Inc.   2-01
H.I.S.C. Inc.   2-02
H.I.S.C. Inc.   2-03
Ultimate hose nozzle, ultimate garden broom, garden tools and garden yard art

High Sierra Nursery 2-12
Cactus and succulents, sun and shade varieties and hanging baskets

Houseplant Nation  2-06
Rare indoor and potted plants, pottery and plant related accessories

Laguna Coast Pottery   2-05
Pottery and garden art

Monalisa’s   2-18
Rare cacti, succulents, handmade pots, plumeria plants and plumeria cuttings

Rain Barrels International   2-04
Rain barrels and information on water conservation

Rain Shadow Designs   2-08
Rare succulents and pottery

Ricardo’s Nursery   2-09
Fruit trees, plants and shrubs

The Orchid Place   2-19
Unique orchids and succulents

Unsolicited Plant Talks   2-15
One of the largest specialty Hoya suppliers

Watex   2-07
Planters for small space living

Wildflower Seed & Tool Company   2-16
Specialty gardening tools for home gardening

Your Garden Specialist  2-10
Unique varieties of lilies and flower bulbs


Level Three

Aroma Orchids of Rowland Heights   3-08
Variety of unique orchids

Behind the Scenes   3-13
Cut flowers, handwraps and French buckets

California Native Plant Society   3-04
Plants native to California and books about them

Cal-Orchid, Inc.   3-14
Wide assortment of proprietary orchid species and hybrids not available elsewhere

Divine Orchids   3-12
Unique orchids and other plants

Environmental ESP   3-02
Vermicomposting and composting bins, worm castings and worm tea

Marcel’s Orchids & Succulents   3-07
Unique orchids and succulent plants

Orange County Rose Society   3-05
Potted roses, various rose growing items and information

Orange Empire Bonsai Society   3-09
Formal bonsai tree displays

Orchid Design   3-19
Unique orchids and other plants

Organic First   3-18
Organic fertilizers, insecticides and gardening equipment

Orchids & Gardens   3-17
Unique orchid plants

Orchids of Los Osos   3-11
Unique orchid plants and anthuriums

Sorella Orchids   3-16
Unique orchids and houseplants

Southern California Carnivorous Plant Enthusiasts   3-15
Carnivorous plants and supplies

Southern California Iris Society   3-06
Potted and bare root iris rhizomes

Tuyet’s Orchids   3-10
Unique orchids and exotic plants

UCCE Master Food Preservers of Orange County   3-03
Information and advice for home food presentation techniques

UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County   3-01
Horticultural information and advice for home gardeners

Locations subject to change without notice