Beef — perhaps it’s not on the menu for vegetarian-minded dads or is an occasional indulgence for others, but most men love red meat. The U.S. is the fourth-largest per capita consumer of beef in the world (behind Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay) and options abound, from unadulterated natural beef to grassfed. For quality, the well-marbled Prime is the highest grade. 

South Coast Plaza offers a wide range of delectable beef dishes — check out five favorites.  


Prime New York Strip

Steaks are a specialty at Vaca — which means “cow” in Spanish — and chef Amar Santana is a master of meat. Cuts are displayed in a custom glass cooler guests pass as they walk to their table. Choose from a selection of 10 curated steaks (including Japanese and domestic Wagyu), all hormone- and antibiotic-free, grilled over a hot fire fueled by citrus and red oak wood. The Prime New York strip is cooked to specifications and served sliced for sharing. We recommend ordering it with Amar’s paella de mariscos — loaded with prawns, clams, mussels and octopus atop flavorful saffron Spanish bomba rice and drizzled with spicy garlic aioli. 



Beef Tartare

Chef Carlos Cabrera hand-chops prime filet fresh daily then judiciously adds gentle shallots, zesty cornichons and his personal blend of seasoning. The craveable appetizer is topped with a lavish layer of caviar and presented with buttery crostini. The perfect complement: The Tiffany Belvedere Caviartini or a selection from the extensive champagne list.



Royale with Cheese

The name Royale with Cheese — a clever nod to cult film classic Pulp Fiction — underscores the perfection of every detail of chef Nick Weber’s interpretation of a cheeseburger. A smaller but substantial patty of ground short rib is carefully cooked to order then layered with melty raclette cheese, pickled onions and Weber’s secret sauce (a few of the ingredients are cornichon, aioli and white soy), then placed on a freshly baked house-made potato bun. It’s become the go-to burger for regulars who proclaim it South Coast Plaza’s best.



Black Pepper Beef Tenderloin

A hearty addition to the Din Tai Fung classics is the premium Angus beef tenderloin stir fry. Shimeji mushrooms, sweet bell peppers and onions are quickly seared together in a fiery wok then tossed in house-made black pepper sauce. Pair it with the vegetable & mushroom fried rice — a tasty version that includes the fresh flavors of Taiwanese cabbage, wood ear mushroom and corn.



Seared Tenderloin with Butter Poached Lobster Tails

For the ultimate surf and turf experience, this is it. Tender filet, dry-aged and hand-cut onsite, is prepared to dad’s liking and crowned with two succulent butter-poached lobster tails.

Insider tip: The restaurant offers The Capital Butcher steak grille boxes, an online source for dry aged and exceptional steaks cut daily by the in-house butcher for cooking at home. Each box includes a bottle of proprietary Capital Grille signature steak sauce.


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