Our Road to tomorrow began with a vision and a dream of a man, who transformed ideas into fabrics, weaving a forest, a community, and a new style of life. Started in 1910, in Oasi Zegna, the 100 KM2 nature park in northern Italy, Zegna is today driven by the founder’s pioneering commitment to sustainability, responsibility to the environment, the communities and the territory where our sustainability ethos originated. Our road, from sheep to shop, has always been woven with enduring style, with over 110 years of innovation and the world’s finest fabrics and craftsmanship, Zegna remains rooted in building a better tomorrow.

By Design: Made-to-measure menswear. This season, new icons are integrated into the Made to Measure collection including the overshirt that becomes a must-have alternative to the blazer. Now customizable, the Triple Stitch Sneaker remains an enduring icon that complements a versatile range of styles including denim, knitwear, leather jackets and joggers. Illuminating how Su Misura has evolved beyond just suiting, these modern wardrobe essentials transform the very idea of luxury to envision effortlessly wearable Made to Measure clothing and footwear.