There are many messages about the coronavirus on social media and social networking sites, including those that are substantially false. South Coast Plaza is in regular contact with the Orange County Health Care Agency  (HCA) for up-to-date information and guidance on the coronavirus.

At this time, South Coast Plaza has no information from the HCA that any individual with coronavirus has visited South Coast Plaza.

On Saturday, January 25, 2020, the HCA confirmed the first case of novel coronavirus in Orange County. This individual is a male in his 50s who traveled from Wuhan, China. He is being treated at a local hospital where he is in isolation and in good condition.

On Sunday, January 26, 2020, South Coast Plaza contacted the HCA following unsubstantiated social media posts claiming the person infected with the virus visited South Coast Plaza. That same day, South Coast Plaza received confirmation from HCA that this individual DID NOT visit South Coast Plaza.

South Coast Plaza has implemented a number of ongoing precautionary measures throughout the shopping center:

  • Frequent disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces in the center every day, including, door handles, handrails, carousel, concierge desks, restrooms, elevators and escalators
  • Providing hand sanitizer dispensers at every major entrance throughout the center
  • Providing a free hand sanitizer at all concierge desks
  • Providing free face masks upon request at concierge locations

The CDC reminds us that there are a number of steps for any virus that we can take to protect our health and those around us. We encourage everyone to follow these measures:

  • Washing hands frequently with soap and water
  • Avoiding touching eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoiding close contact with people who are sick
  • If you do become sick with respiratory symptoms like fever and cough, please stay away from work, school or other people to avoid spreading illness

 We recommend visiting these government health websites for info on the coronavirus:

California Department of Public Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Orange County Health Care Agency








• 每日多次对广泛接触的表面进行消毒,包括门把手、扶手、旋转木马、服务台、卫生间、电梯和自动扶梯
• 在购物中心每个主要入口处提供消毒洗手液分配器
• 在所有服务台免费提供消毒洗手液
• 在所有服务台按需求提供免费口罩

美国疾病控制与预防中心(The CDC)提醒我们,对于任何病毒,我们都可以采取一系列措施来保护自己和周围人的健康。我们鼓励大家遵循以下措施:
• 经常用肥皂和水洗手
• 避免用未清洗的手触摸眼睛、鼻子或嘴巴
• 避免与病人密切接触
• 如有呼吸道感染症状,例如发烧或咳嗽,请远离工作、学校和其他人群,以免传染疾病


California Department of Public Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Orange County Health Care Agency