Brooke Price

When I started in fashion over 12 years ago I owned an avant-garde men’s and women’s clothing boutique that carried independent and hard-to-find designers from all over the world. I scoured domestic, European and other International exhibitions, curating a store made up of collections that you couldn’t find at stores like Barneys or Neimans. I became fascinated with the art of men’s styling and how subtle wardrobe changes made a dramatic difference – a beautifully crafted leather duffle, a timeless cashmere turtleneck, an impeccably tailored suit.  In men’s fashion there truly are pieces that both the rockstar musician and the businessman can have in common. It’s all about the details.

Venice Beach, CA is currently home and there’s nothing I enjoy more than traveling to interesting destinations. Moscow, Prague, Chamonix, Nairobi and Amsterdam are a few of my favorites.

Some of the cities I visit most frequently for clients include the Silicon Valley area (Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Gatos, and San Jose), San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Palm Beach/Miami, and San Diego.

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