Celebrate with special drinks at Knife Pleat, Vaca and Morton’s The Steakhouse

Toast to the holidays and beyond with festive cocktails. Inspired by fall and winter favorite flavors such as pear, cinnamon, and cranberry, the mixologists at our restaurants have crafted elegant aperitifs or after-dinner drinks for celebrating the season:

Knife Pleat

A seasonal cocktail classic in the making, Sparkling Holly, features Combier Crème de Cassis, a black currant liqueur from France’s Loire Valley, blended with cranberry syrup, then topped with Decoy Brut Sparkling wine, from the legendary Duckhorn vintners. 

Decoy’s delicate sweetness, balanced by bright acidity and aromatic hints of honeysuckle and vanilla, melds beautifully with the sweet earthy liqueur and bright tartness of cranberry.

If all these sound familiar, Sparkling Holly is a New World take on a Kir Royale. Garnished with sugared fresh cranberries, it makes a delightful prelude to a memorable dinner. Sparkling Holly is served through December 31. 

A cocktail as nuanced as the imagination of Michael Rooney, beverage director for the Vaca Group, Hyperion was inspired by an early morning spent in the Redwood Forest with an intense sensory impression. 

The ingredients of Bonded Bourbon, Douglas Fir Eau de Vie, crème de cassis, lime juice, turbinado, and truffle oil all have significance.  The savory crunching of old growth forest leaves (the truffle) beneath the ethereal scent of California’s native giants (the eau de vie blending with the wood-heavy bourbon) amidst new buds and forest berries (the cassis), combine and are carried by the lush and crisp Northern coast air (the lime).

Even the color and haze harken to the experience. Hyperion’s taste is savory and complex, with a crisp bite and luscious flavor of wood, dew-dripping green leaves and dark forest berries.

And the cocktail’s unique name? Fittingly, it’s for the world’s tallest tree, the elusive 600-year-old coastal redwood towering at 380 feet.  Located in California’s Redwood National Park, the tree was after the Greek mythological Titan, Hyperion. 

Knife Pleat’s sommelier and beverage manager Victor Moreno has created spirit-forward but balanced cocktails served in luxurious stemware from Penthouse neighbor Baccarat. 

Harcourt 1841, described by Moreno as “fall in a glass,” has notes of apple and pear, from Calvados and St. George Spiced Pear, a liqueur with the complexity of a perfectly ripe Bartlett pear with a touch of cinnamon and clove. Named after the iconic and oldest stemware in the Baccarat archive dating back to 1841, of course, this cocktail is finished with Lillet Rouge, a fortified French wine with fruity aromas and warm spice notes of ginger and cardamom, shaken over ice, strained into the glass, then garnished with a delicate orange peel.

Something Old Fashioned is a beautiful glass of cognac with a touch of sweetness. For a unique after-dinner drink, Moreno mixes Hennessy X.O, with caramel and bitters, both made in-house from proprietary recipes. Indeed, the X.O was created in 1870 by Maurice Hennessy for his circle of friends —the X.O classification signifying “extra old” because of its extended aging process.  The fine cognac is known for the intriguing sensation of an intense, rising heat that slowly reveals the complex taste.  This cocktail is served in a handsome Baccarat clear crystal Harmonie tumbler with a large ice cube and twist of orange.

Cozy up to the bar at Knife Pleat and enjoy the cool winter months in style while warming up on the inside.