A seaside lifestyle that includes easy, elegant clothes ideal for warm days and cool nights sounds perfect for Southern California and is the inspiration for the 120% Lino boutique at South Coast Plaza.

“Unlike most linen collections that embody your basic whites, neutrals and navy, you enter a 120% Lino store and immediately feel as though you’ve been whisked away to the coast of Italy, with splashes of blue ranging from sky to sea, lemon yellows, luscious pinks and grass-hued greens, all tied together with crisp white,” explains Marco Pievani, CEO of 120% Lino, based in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region. “It appeals to the client who is looking for the effortless outfit to breeze through the day in, as well as that special-occasion look for that perfect sunny California moment.”

It appeals to the client who is looking for the effortless outfit to breeze through the day in, as well as that special-occasion look for that perfect sunny California moment.


“Lino,” of course, translates as “linen” in Italian, and the name of the brand is meant to exemplify both the purity of this natural fabric and its four-decade heritage within the country’s tradition of handcraft. “At the heart [of the label] is the desire to sustain the 120% Lino story, a tale of the raw material and of manufacturing using state-of-the-art technologies,” Pievani says. “While continuing to respect the authenticity of the product, we’ve made it possible to more effectively identify and satisfy customers by offering an original and modern way of enjoying this natural luxury.”

The South Coast Plaza boutique is the label’s first West Coast location. Pievani calls the boutique’s look “a combination of Italian minimalism and natural elements” designed to beautifully frame the collection. “Utilizing soft wood tones, clean white lines and subtle linen displays, the layout and the furniture allow the collection to speak for itself. We believe the eye should not be distracted from the beauty of our natural, colorful linen collection.”

What makes the collection so distinctly Italian? “It’s the easiness of the pieces and the coolness—not only of the linen fabric itself, but also the styling,” Pievani says. “It’s the softness of the fabric and the high quality of the “Made in Italy” ideal: natural, sustainable fibers brought to life by timeless, simple, elegant Italian design that is simultaneously classic and avant-garde. It’s an experience of authentic taste, of luxury that’s perceived and not flaunted.”

That’s true of the Summer 2021 collection at our 120% Lino boutique, starting with a color palette that ranges from summer brights to subtle desert hues, in essentials that include the men’s and women’s shirting that rank high among the brand’s most popular styles, as well as shirtdresses, beach-friendly drawstring pants and breezy tops. “The 2021 collection also has introduced delicate details, such as pintucking, laser-cut designs, flirty ruffles and a wide array of prints,” Pievani notes, also pointing to styles like an embellished caftan, printed poet dress and linen jersey duster. “The collection truly was designed to transition from day to night and beach to city, a lifestyle that Californians will find very relatable.”

While each piece is crafted to highlight the classic beauty of Italian linen, Pievani says the creative process also results in an ease of care that works for today’s lifestyle. Fabrics are garment-dyed in small batches, which not only enables 120% Lino to create dozens of new colors each season, it also allows each piece to washed at home vs. the expense and chemical processes of dry cleaning.

The result: soft fabrics and relaxed styling that require little maintenance. “Gone are the days of needing to tirelessly press your linen garment,” Pievani adds. “120% Lino is designed to be a more relaxed look and feel, which can be accomplished with a simple steam, resulting in subtle wrinkles that enhance the natural fibers of the linen.”

Ultimately, it’s the blend of essential design and the allure of novelty pieces, crafted in an iconic fabric and irresistible colors, that has made 120% Lino a must-have label in stylish closets. “We believe that every wardrobe should include a classic linen shirt,” Pievani says. “Today there’s an enhanced appreciation for style combined with comfort, and that’s the essence of 120% Lino. As the new destination at South Coast Plaza, we hope clients will embrace not only everyday essentials, but also the unique and special pieces they simply can’t resist.”