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EATS: Dripp

Dispensing a diverse selection of handcrafted coffee beverages, from classic espresso to cold “Cofftails,” Dripp provides more than simply coffee. Its location at South Coast Plaza will
be the culmination of a special format eight years in the making. Modern and minimalistic, it will provide every


Dripp’s handcrafted pour over coffee


customer with a personalized interaction, with each cup individually ground from coffee beans of choice and dripped one at a time. “South Coast Plaza is special in many ways,” states Dripp founder Rabih Sater. “It lies in the heart of O.C. and allows us to appeal to a broad audience. The center offers an elevated shopping experience, and we serve a sophisticated product, an experience that South Coast Plaza clientele will appreciate.” Coffee sourcing, roasting, packing and equipment supply are overseen by Sater’s other company, Espresso Republic. When Dripp began eight years ago, Sater quickly recognized a love for coffee and conversation shared by both customers and the community. As a result, the motto “Coffee Together” is a unifying mantra. 

“South Coast Plaza is special in many ways. it lies in the heart of O.C. and allows us to appeal to a broad audience.”
-Rabih Sater, Founder of Dripp

Besides coffee, Dripp offers an extensive selection of cold and hot loose leaf teas, sweet and savory bites, and locally supplied ice cream cookie sandwiches.

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