“Now or Never” by Lara Schnitger




“When I created this I wanted everyone to be able to participate,” said Dutch-American artist, Lara Schnitger of her art piece “Now or Never” which was recently unveiled on level 1 in our Saks Fifth Avenue wing. The 78-foot wide by 12-foot tall piece is interactive – not only can you admire it, you can also add to it and leave your mark via the double-sided sequin fabric. 







Similar to many of her other works, “Now or Never” highlights with the issues of global warming and female empowerment. This can be seen in how the wall intermixes playful images and messages with more serious ones. Greta Thunberg, a 16-year old Swedish environmental activist, is sitting on the left. A wolf attempting to find its last meal can be found on the right. Unlike the rest of the wall, both of these images may not be erased as part of Schnitger’s messaging on the urgency to attend to our current environmental state. 







“I wanted to create a fun sense of movement across the panels,” said Schnitger at the unveiling. “I added a girl dancing to represent the young and free. The fish on the bicycle is reflective of the saying ‘a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.'”  







The lively patchwork composition is meant to inspire viewers and contributors to “THINK BIG,” as Schnitger puts it. How can you change the world or inspire change to come about? “Now or Never’ allows us to experiment with creating change within the world around us with the simple flip of a sequin. 







“Now or Never” is Schnitger’s first work of art to be displayed in Orange County. She is well-known for her knitted and sewn textile sculptures. You can find more of her work currently on display at over 10 public museums across the globe including the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art located in Los Angeles, CA. 


Make your mark during your next visit to South Coast Plaza anytime from now until January 2021.