April 05, 2019

From Movies to Liuli, a Contemporary Art Tale Coming Soon in May, a Liuli Art Exhibit from Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi


Title: The Flower of Meditation Speaks the Truth of Dharma


Their movies or liuli – which do I most admire? Regardless, it is clear that every imprint made in their journey through life will be a permanent one.

– Andrew Brewerton, Art Critic


Goodbye Movies. Hello Liuli: A Liuli Art Exhibit from Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi will run from May 3-12, 2019 at the Jewel Court in South Coast Plaza. In the Plaza’s 50 year history, a large-scale exhibition by a contemporary liuli artist is a rare occurrence. The exhibition will kick-off the Asian Cultural Heritage Month festivities.


A Remarkable Transformation from the Height of Film to the Height of Liuli Art

In 1987, at the height of their careers in the film industry, Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi turned away from the spotlight and turned toward liuli art. Since then, they have single-handedly revived the ancient art of liuli and earned the titles of “Liuli Art Pioneer” and “Father of the Asian Studio Glass Movement”. Through pate de verre, also called lost-wax casting, the artists have opened their hearts and minds to a heat that burns with the intensity of 2,600ºF and written a story in liuli to call their own.

The Corning Museum of Glass in New York, National Museum of Women in the Arts in D.C., Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London are but a few establishments that have collected their work. From movies to liuli, from one height to the next. 


Artwork “A Great Wish” Collector’s Edition – Raising Funds for Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

In the exhibition is Yang’s A Great Wish. Created in 1996, it speaks to the truth and humanity within us all. Both the Bowers Museum and National Museum of Women in the Arts count this piece among their permanent collections. The artist created A Great Wish in response to an experience she had. While visiting Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam one winter, she happened upon a young child, half-clothed in rags, sleeping on the cold streets. Her heart broke.  Believing that warmth and comfort is a human right, she sculpted an infant cradled within the palm of a large hand and named it A Great Wish. Liuligongfang later created A Great Wish – Collector’s Edition with proceeds benefiting charities worldwide; in North America, partial proceeds went to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (https://pcrf-kids.org/) .Artwork photos please refer to p.3-4.


LIULI Kid’s Workshop – An Arts Education for the Next Generation

LIULI Kids Workshop will run in conjunction to the exhibit. For children 7-12, the hands-on workshop will introduce the next generation to liuli art and culture in a fun, safe and educational setting. All participants will create their own pate de verre crystal art design which will then be exhibited at LIULI Gallery at South Coast Plaza to ring in the 2019 holiday season.

Leading the workshop are Liuligongfang’s very own team of designers and artisans. They will cover everything liuli from its extensive history to the complex lost-wax casting technique. They will teach the children how to harness their powers of observation to draft, sculpt, conceptualize and apply color. Liuligongfang hopes that through these workshops, kids will gain an appreciation for creating something with their own hands and build upon their self-confidence. This creative experience creates an exchange between Eastern and Western cultures and paves the way for the inheritance of liuli art and culture.


United in the Name of Cultural Exchange

This exhibit was made possible from the following Liuligongfang partners and champions of the arts: Bowers Museum, East West Bank, South Coast Plaza and Orange County Music and Dance. The 29 sculptures on display represent the epitome of glass art and are sure to delight the art world and art enthusiasts alike.  As the kick-off event of South Coast Plaza’s Asian Cultural Month in May, the exhibition will tell the story of liuli’s two thousand year history, technique and innovation. It conveys a message from Asian cultures to the modern world.



Goodbye Movies, Hello Liuli: A Liuli Art Exhibit from Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi


MAY 3 – 12, 2019


Jewel Court at South Coast Plaza (3333 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626)


LIULI was established in Tamshui, Taiwan in 1987 as Asia’s first Liuli workshop and stands today as Asia’s largest Liuli arts brand. Loretta H. Yang and Chang Yi are the co-founders of LIULI and lead the brand as Creative Director and Brand Manager respectively. LIULI operates 50 galleries around the world throughout Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore and Malaysia.  2008 brought the first two stateside galleries in San Francisco and New York. Over thirty-two years LIULI creations have been acquired by internationally renowned museums for their permanent collections and LIULI works have been exhibited in over 30 countries and territories.  At least 32 world leaders have received the gifts that are made from LIULI series works.

  • LIULI Gallery at South Coast Plaza: Space #2041, 3333 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, 92626 (Level 2, Din Tai Fung Wing)
  • Official Website: liuli.com
  • Online Store: liuliusa.com





A Great Wish大願
Liuli, 23”x 13”x11.5”
Permanent Collection at Bowers Museum, California
Permanent Collection at National Museum of Women In The Arts, Washington D.C.

A Great Wish- Collector’s Edition大願- 珍藏版
Liuli, Artwork 3.9”x1.6”x1.9”, Lotus flower acrylic base 4.3”*0.8”*2.1”,USD $398
Partial proceeds will go to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (https://pcrf-kids.org/)