Year of the Rabbit Centerpiece in Jewel Court

The Rabbit is the fourth animal represented in the twelve-year Chinese zodiac cycle and is characterized by creativity, compassion and sensitivity. The peaceful rabbit is sitting on top of a garden showered with gold coins and ingots signifying the arrival of Spring and fortune. The centerpiece is surrounded by breathtaking LED screens presenting a mesmerizing 360° view of custom 3D animation featuring the friendly and playful Rabbit. The multi-level display includes eight lucky lanterns and eight whimsical hanging orbs along with hundreds of colorful lanterns, all bringing luck and prosperity. Stroll down towards Carousel Court to find more rabbits jumping across the lucky fountain in celebration of the Year of the Water Rabbit, or take a ride on the carousel featuring the zodiac animal!

Photo Exhibit

January 19–February 12, 2023
Level 1, between Jewel and Carousel Courts

Presented by the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China 

 New Year Painting
Demonstrate the beauty of Chinese culture from the aspects of China’s development and changes, traditional culture, rural scenery and revitalization. 




January 19–February 12

See the rabbit come alive in the palm of your hand with the special AR souvenir card available from Guest Services. 




Larger-than-life bunnies have arrived at South Coast Plaza’s famous big carousel for a limited time. “Hop on” in Carousel Court, Level 1, open during all center hours.

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