Year of the Tiger Centerpiece

The Tiger is the third animal represented in the 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle and is characterized by confidence, courage and strong self-esteem. The powerful Tiger is leaping from above a waterfall that flows into a pond surrounded by auspicious gold coins and a beautiful landscape. Emphasizing the Water element that defines the Tiger this year, a realistic high-definition digital pond fills Jewel Court with an abundance of Koi, symbolic of good luck and fortune. Guests are invited to get up close and personal on the pedestrian bridge for a fully immersive experience and make a wish for the new year by tossing a digital coin into the pond. The multi-level display includes colorful lanterns and cascading gold coins to bring great fortune and prosperity. Completing the décor is an ornate gate welcoming the Year of the Tiger.

The 2022 Lunar New Year exhibit features a beautiful fusion of fresh and dried floral materials, accented with dazzling surfaces and infused with tradition. The muscular and majestic Tiger is crafted with white straw flowers, black onion seeds and detailed with other seeds. Rock accents around the pond are decorated using sheet moss, seed mixture and bamboo pieces. Flanking the Tiger’s base is a 12-foot-tall collection of bamboo, symbolic of virtue and success. Lush plants and flowers such as Bromeliads, Croton Petra, Anthuriums, Ivy and Marginata surround both the pond and a gate that is adorned with glitter next to a stone lantern.

The Lunar New Year exhibit will be on display in Jewel Court from January 27 – February 21, 2022.

Make a Wish into the Tiger Pond

Celebrate with us by tossing a coin into the interactive digital pond to make a wish

Lunar New Year

South Coast Plaza celebrates the Year of the Tiger. Discover special products and offers to mark the Lunar New Year from our boutiques and restaurants.