The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles presents two photographic exhibitions and celebration video, and Liuli Crystal Art presents a sculpture exhibit.

Visit four cultural exhibitions on Level 2, Nordstrom Wing. 

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Kids around the World

Ring out the old with joyous laughter, ring in the new with twinkling lights. During the Chinese New Year holiday, people are celebrating the beginning of a new year with various activities amid a festive atmosphere.


Happy Spring Festival with Dragon Dance Performances

The Spring Festival is the grandest traditional fete of the Chinese people, and an important holiday for reuniting and enjoying time with family. Dragon dance, a lively and jubilant traditional custom, is one of most festive activities of the Spring Festival.


China Spring Festival Celebration Video

Chinese New Year sees the largest annual migration of people on the planet as people all around the world travel home to celebrate with their families at this extraordinary annual festival, rich with Chinese culture and tradition.


Liuli Crystal Art presents a sculpture exhibit

Lunar New Year

South Coast Plaza celebrates the Year of the Tiger. Discover special products and offers to mark the Lunar New Year from our boutiques and restaurants.