Garden Under the Sea

In celebration of the 34th annual Southern California Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza, we honor the captivating beauty of the underwater world. The ocean’s beauty comes alive in a coral reef and lush underwater garden created from an array of floral materials.

  Yellow strawflower petals, black onion seeds
  Orange lentil, white sweet rice
Other Fish
  Brown dock seed, strawflower petals, orange and yellow marigold petals
Sea Urchins
  Yellow strawflower petals, orange lentil, purple sinuata statice, green manzanita leaves
  Crushed manzanita leaves
 Underwater Plants
  Blue sinuata statice, cordon puffs, orange lentil, sesame seeds, dark lettuce seeds,
cut parsley flakes
Coral Reef
  Dehydrated orange carrot, red bell pepper granules, fresh floral displays of
calla lilies and coral-toned roses
Ocean Floor   Crushed walnut shells


Designed, created and decorated by Fiesta Parade Floats.

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