California Dreaming

In this beautiful display of the awe and wondrous beauty of California in this colorful presentation “California Dreaming” nature concept, we have created a display that heavily utilizes nature items of California.  The animals include the California desert tortoise, California golden trout, California red-legged frog, California quail, and a California grizzly bear with her bear cub on a redwood tree stump.

Around the perimeter of the display are large California poppy flowers and additional poppies in the overall display center area. To the right is the snowcapped mountain of Mt. Baldy, showing the transition from winter to spring and its beauty with colorful flowers and plants that also includes clusters of California purple needle grass.  Nestled in the center of the display is a pair of tall Washingtonian palm trees known throughout California.  At the front center area of the display is a small pond with a pair of golden trout’s and at the edge on the pond is a red-legged frog.  Also, shown are tall flowering arrangements with some California dog faced butterflies. 

Numerous types of decoration materials are used in bringing this beautiful display to life.  Besides the beautiful floral items that includes poppies, orchid blooms, cuts of sinuata statice pedals and California natural plants is the use of other natural materials that include various shades of strawflower petals, black onion seeds, natural redwood bark, seaweed, crushed walnut shells, bent grass seeds, buffalo grass, lunaria petals, and a multitude of other natural dry materials.

Designed, created and decorated by Fiesta Parade Floats.

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