At One with Nature

Majestic redwoods and the flora and fauna that flourish among them are showcased in this resplendent botanical display that celebrates the awe-invoking beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Four towering redwood trees, reaching to 24 feet, comprise the background. Redwood bark and flax seeds form the trunk and branches. A variety of natural materials like orange lentil, buffalo grass, poppy and clover seeds, pampas grass and cobra leaves decorate the wildlife that populates this slice of nature.

A nest woven from dried tree branches features an eagle and her eaglets while a pair of woodpeckers, embellished with flowers and seeds, perch on the redwoods. The bear cub ambles along fallen logs, his claw tips adorned with lunaria petals, his face composed of leaves, grasses and seeds.

In front of the trees is a meadow filled with wild grasses, spring flowers and clusters of blooms and greenery while branches and pinecones frame the perimeter of the forest display. A pond of blue statice, white coconut chips and blue iris is surrounded by rocks made of onions seeds, white lettuce seeds and finely-cut coconut chips.

Two rabbits and a squirrel, whimsically covered in crushed cranberry leaves, cotton puffs, buffalo grass and a smattering of seeds, rest in the meadow and amongst the trees—an ode to nature’s tranquility.