#USETHEEXISTING & Triple Stitch at Zegna

Now through October 31, 2021

#UsetheExisting Triple Stitch Sneaker “Anywhere. Anytime. Anyplace” 



#UseTheExisting is an evolutionary commitment that permeates all of Zegna’s collections and this season, Zegna takes another step towards making the dream of zero waste possible. Drawing from Zegna’s heritage and dedication to top-quality fabrics and textile research, the #UseTheExisting™ Triple Stitch sneaker incorporates repurposed components into its sleek design.



Zegna is the only brand that owns a natural reserve, 30 times larger than central park, located in the Italian Alps, where over three generations of the Zegna family have continued to nurture the green soul of the founder, Oasi Zegna. Oasi Zegna represents the place where everything started–where the philanthropic vision of the founder became reality through sustainable projects that tangibly involved the environment and the community, planting over 500,000 trees.



Zegna Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori re-engineered the contemporary sneaker using a more lightweight and flexible construction, designed for modern mindsets and multifaceted lifestyles. The iconic Triple Stitch Sneaker combines style and versatility with remarkably flexible and lightweight construction, finished with signature elasticated straps, forming the iconic XXX logo inspired by the three hand-stitches of a tailor, so it can conveniently slip on and off with ease. This modern shoe is the definition of versatility and made for every moment.