Disney | CAMILLA

Now through April 20, 2024

CAMILLA is thrilled to announce an enchanting global collaboration inspired by Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs revealing a mesmerizing fashion collection that seamlessly merges CAMILLA’s signature prints with the timeless magic of the beloved fairytale.

A love letter from Camilla to the first Disney Princess, celebrating the eternal grace and resilience of Snow White.

The Disney | CAMILLA story continues with a beloved tale that’s stood the test of time, reimagined in a dreamy new collection of handcrafted prints.

The beauty of unexpected friendships and optimism reawakens in these modern heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation.

A collaboration to transport you into Snow White’s world of Once Upon A Times, Magic Mirrors and Happily Ever Afters. In these six limited edition prints, our collective of artisans relive treasured memories, weaving original 1930s illustrations together with signature CAMILLA design motifs to create an enchanting new story.

With the first Disney Princess centre stage, we create wearable artworks brimming with magical woodland creatures, storybook scenes and glittering gemstones, to honor a fairytale full of color. A collection to mark the wishes that come true at journey’s end…

A reminder to always dream.
A call to keep exploring.
A cue to step into the unknown.

Forever filled with fantastical fun, we welcome Snow White to the CAMILLA family. The kindest one of all, since 1937.

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