CAMILLA | House of the Sun

Now through July 31, 2024

Sand. Fire. Water. Gold. Light. Spirit.

Introducing a rebellious new tapestry woven from nature’s elementary forces, that pays homage to the transformative power of travel.

Step into a world of modern mysteries, sacred symbols and techno talismans.

Introducing an otherworldly odyssey, inspired by Founder & Creative Director Camilla Franks’ travels through Egypt, and brought to life on the vibrant streets of the city that never sleeps. With these prints, we enter a realm of richness: complex and contradictory.

Modern and ancient. Spirits and skyscrapers. Light, shadow and breathtaking colour.

The innovation, style and self-expression of New York City meets the art, history and culture of Egypt. Following in the footsteps of Founder and Creative Director Camilla Franks, we journey from the buzzing metropolis of Cairo to the Valley of the Kings, Alexandria, Aswan and beyond: deep beneath the earth and high into the aether, seeking inspiration from past, present and future. Tombs and temples, monuments and markets, deserts, oceans, catacombs and cities.

House of the Sun is a cosmic canvas splashed with soulful stories, artisanal adventures and divine encounters.

Shop Ballad of the Bazaar prints, ‘Milla’s got Mail’ illustrating luscious pink sunset skies upon an endless oasis of desert palms and majestic pyramids. ‘Haute Passport’ portrays an endless page of graphically intricate travel momentos while, ‘Call me in Cairo’ unfurls an endless oasis luscious palms and majestic pyramids in the distance.


Jess wears ‘Haute Passport’ Long Line Shirt with Yoke and Button Detail RRP$599 and Relaxed Panel Pant RRP $599.


Samuel wears ‘Landmarks and Love Letters’ Relaxed Fit Woven Polo Shirt RRP $299.

Shop Ballad of the Bazzar from the House of the Sun collection in store now.