CAMILLA: Heart of the Venart

Now through December 06, 2023

“Nestled along the grand canal, a renaissance sanctuary for artists and romantics resides.Here at the Palazzo Venart Venice, a lesson in Venetian history and culture unfolds. Wall to window, floor to ceiling. Layers of Renaissance frescoes and marble marvels. Gold gilded artworks and ostentatious company. Pull up a seat, your negroni awaits. The grand piano plays, the night begins. Raise your glass to soul mates and staying out late, my love.”

Discover the latest prints ‘Venice Vignette’ capturing the ethereal charm of the Grand Canal. A painted scene framed by renaissance textile patterns entwined with delicate florals and golden filigree. ‘Call of the Canal’ revels in the rich opulence of intricate tapestries of gilded fronds and fragrant bouquets while, ‘Palazzo Play Date’ delves into a golden world of opulent flourishes and enchanting lavender blooms.

Monica wears ‘Palazzo Play Date’, All Over Ruffle Dress.

Josephine wears, ‘Call of the Canal’, Dress w/ Shirred Waist and Cuff.


Monica on the left wears ‘Call of the Canal’, T Back Gathered Panel Dress.
On the right, Tessa wears ‘Venice Vignette’, Off Shoulder Puff Dress.