South Coast Plaza Art Walk

One of Southern California’s best kept secrets is an art walk in Costa Mesa featuring contemporary and modern works by renowned sculptors. The sculptures are integral to vision of the late Henry T. Segerstrom and the Segerstrom family, founders of South Coast Plaza, of creating a cosmopolitan center in Orange County where the arts and commerce come together and flourish. Come and spend a morning or afternoon exploring this incomparable public art collection adjacent to South Coast Plaza.


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1. California Scenario

Commissioned by Henry Segerstrom in 1979 and completed in 1982, this 1.6-acre park created by Japanese American sculptor, Isamu Noguchi (1904–1988), is representative of California’s diverse landscape.


2. Sun Ribbon

Stained glass creation by American artist Claire Falkenstein (1908–1997). Its sunset hues radiate warmth with a functional design.

3. Utsurohi 91

A series of 12 ten-foot columns set in an elliptical configuration with relief images of Chinese zodiac animals. Created by Japanese artist Aiko Miyawaki (1929–2014) and commissioned by Henry Segerstrom in 1991.